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Ingredion Korea Helps Local Communities in Volunteer and Donation Activities

News Date : 01/13/2016

[Ingredion Korea] 

January 14, 2016

SEOUL, Korea – In late 2015, Ingredion Korea participated in two activities that helped low-income residents in the cities of Bupyeong and Sungnam. 

Ingredion Korea delivered a total of 600 bottles of corn oil and 300 bottles of oligosaccharides to the Bupyeong government office to share with low income families as part of the “Hope 2015 Pleasant Chuseok” initiative. Chuseok is the name of Korea’s Thanksgiving Day and is one of the biggest and most important holidays to many Korean families as they come together to share meals and give thanks. 

“I am very pleased to help our neighbors, and as an employee of Ingredion Korea, I am very proud of my company,” said SukbumPark, Bupyeong Plant Manager.

Employees also delivered 2,600 “briquettes” to residents of Sungnam, which is situated on the outskirts of Seoul. A briquette, alsoknown as a “yeontan” in South Korea, weighs about 3.5kg and is made of coal dust and gluing agent. It is traditionally used as fuel to heat in Korean households. The deliveries helped to keep the living quarters of the poor warm in the cold weather. Ingredion Korea also donated an additional of 3,400 briquettes to “Lovely Sharing Yeontan,” the organization that ran the campaign.

Employees stood in two lines along a narrow alley and passed the briquettes directly to the residents. “The delivery was not easy, especially so in this cold weather. Nonetheless, I am glad to have the opportunity to help those in need. Doing this with all my colleagues also gave me a sense of attachment to the company,” said Minsu Kang, Senior Office Administrator.

“The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility has increased in recent years. CSR is more than a cost, a constraint or a charitable deed. It provides great opportunity to instill pride in employees for the organization they work for. These initiatives and activities are driven by our employees, who have always shown a keen interest in contributing to the community,” said JK Koo, President and CEO, Ingredion Korea.​

Ingredion Korea Helps Local Communities in Volunteer and Donation Activities
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